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Multi-level Marketing System

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I have just purchased a mlm script to start my own multi-level marketing system. I am looking for a good programmer who can help me customize it to our needs. If you think you can help send me an email and I'll send you the script to look through and work on. God told me to start an MLM so my heart is all into making it work out. I already have a domain and hosting I just need a good programmer who can help.

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MLM companies have been a frequent subject of criticism as well as the target of lawsuits. Criticism has focused on their similarity to illegal pyramid schemes, price fixing of products, high initial start-up costs, emphasis on recruitment of lower-tiered salespeople over actual sales, encouraging if not requiring salespeople to purchase and use the company's products, potential exploitation of personal relationships which are used as new sales and recruiting targets, complex and sometimes exaggerated compensation schemes, and cult-like techniques which some groups use to enhance their members' enthusiasm and devotion.[10][12]
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No guarantee, but hit up @bwallhatestwits on twitter, and ask if he has any free time(hes always busy, but great guy and programmer). Hes damn good programmer, and affordable for quality work. ;)

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