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Desired end state: Scan and scrape a range of IP addresses, looking for a router model within an an HTML page, and output the IP address, if found. Note: Multiple versions of the router are open and the xpaths to the hardware versions are different...

Background: I've been goofing around with nmap, scanning a few subnets around my IP address (Comcast) and have noticed that 5-10 Belkin F5D model routers per class B subnet are open on port 80 and about half of them have no admin password established. I want to do a more extensive scan but want to limit the IPs returned to the F5D routers, not every device open on port 80 so I don't have to go to each page and manually identify them. From what I understand python doesn't work well with nmap and I am not sure a good way to approach this and I was struggling to get something like BeautifulSoup to successfully scrape a config page.

Any ideas?

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Not mine but touche I guess? or at least I understand what you are saying....though it's trivial to find an open router's config page that is password protected. It's not inviting the hacking of that router, it's using it as a reference in order to parse HTML data from. If I posted one of the open IP addresses, I'd be more apt to agree with you...

That being said maybe a 'better' way to show this is to show you an xpath to one of the routers, written two different ways.

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That's what I'm trying to do...I'm not looking for someone to hand me a turn key solution...

Though I'm new to coding, I have already written code, though admittedly easy and probably inefficient, that identifies IPs with port 80 open and exports the results to a text file and script (for automatically opening them in firefox) so I can browse through them. That is obviously is time intensive so I tried to use BeatifulSoup and similar methods to scrape the Belkin page, as I said above, but none work. There is no title to the page (just the IP), links are not being detected, and I have been unable to specify the hardware field to specifically parse that data.

I understand that you and others can write code to do it; I'm just looking for advice on how you would go about it since the methods I have tried failed...

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Well, here's what I would do. I would execute nmap through my Java application (look up Java Process object and reading from the InputStream). From the output of nmap, I would determine if an IP has port 80 open. If so, I would make an HTTP Request for that IP and store the result into a string. Then, I would parse the string for the information I need. Finally, display it on the interface.

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm only in my 2nd semester of Java and didn't know you could use it to execute nmap or do an HTTP request like that. I appreciate it and I'll start playing around with it tonight. Sounds like it should be fairly easy...

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