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Domain learning error i think?


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im just learning so please dont hate on my setup please. ok so my fun has started or so i thought. a littel about my network(might help dont know) i took my old pc and installed windows server 2008 on it just to learn about it. it was a dell demesions 4600 with 1.5gb of ram and a pentiam 4 (i think i spelled that wrong and i not sure if thats it in my computer is say qaud core or somthing) thats my domain controller. its connected to a asus dark night rt-n66u along with 4 or 5 other devices(1 desktop 1 laptop 1 netgear switch 1 asus rt-n10+ and some printer). the asus rt-n10+ runs a 802.11g network and is conneced to my dark night by its wan port so its ips are on the rt-n10+ network is my desktops in my den on a work one and one to work on and one to learn on. and some other stuff but i dont think you need the rest.

my desktop i built to tech myself stuff cant seem to connect to the domain controller for some unknow reason to me it connects if i go to its local ip because i ran my website on it too. but if i try do connect to the print server file server or Active dorectory i cant. DNS is setup to the local ip of my domain controller and a few other things. i really only care about the desktop but a few laptops that dont support 802.11n connct to my rt-n10+ none of them can connect to the domain controller. if you need anything explaned i will do the best i can. thanks for the help

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