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[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions


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Will the Ducky work straight away?

The Ducky is currently pre-loaded with the stock original (duck) HID injecting firmware. It will work straight out of the box.

Note: Plain old HID injection (keyboard emulation) - no fancy features!

Ducky Resources/Websites?

The main website:


Also try:

or even this forum...

I inserted my Ducky into a Windows Computer and nothing happens?

The Ducky’s LEDs are programmed to provide feedback to the user:

  • A flashing GREEN LED usually means the computer and Ducky are talking to each other.
  • A flashing RED LED means the Ducky can’t read the SDcard.

If you did not notice any LEDs:

  • Sometimes, the host OS is a bit slow and misses the Ducky’s commands while it is enumerating the device. Try pushing the Ducky's GPIO Button it calls a REPLAY function?
  • The Ducky’s button acts as a simple reply button in its default setting. However, this button is also used to put the Ducky into DFU-MODE. Check the Ducky's Button is not stuck. Try pushing the button on the Ducky… any lights? actions?

My Ducky is flashing RED, what now?

Take out the SDcard (it can be stiff first of all, so don’t worry), some people have used tweezers or have been fairly gentle with a flat-tipped screwdriver.

Try reinserting the SDcard, or alternatively insert the card into an SDcard adapter/reader, and see if the host OS (Windows/Unix/OSX) can natively read the card.

If the host OS can read the card, re-insert it back into the Ducky and try again.

If the host OS can’t read the card, you may try re-formatting the card (FAT), or simply try another SDcard that you may have (commonly found in mobile phones, cameras, etc).

When I plug in the Ducky, it does something weird, and executes everything on my desktop?

The secret behind multi-OS support, was the timings in the USB stack.

The Ducky is real fast, as such the Ducky will start quacking commands as soon as it is inserted into the computer.

Try adding a wait command “DELAY 3000” as the first line in your Ducky Script. This gives the host OS enough time to enumerate the Ducky as a HID keyboard.

Note: You may need to tweak the DELAY command depending on your system(s).

I'm from X country, the Ducky fires off seemingly random keys, what is going on?

The stock duckencoder.jar only supports keymaps for USA.

However, the community Duckencoder (available from http://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode) can support more language/keymaps.

Please read more below!

I’m from X country, my language is not supported, the Ducky is pointless.

Please don’t think like that.

The solution is simple. Get onto this forum and ask for support. We can guide you through the process of creating a new key-map which will benefit everyone. Without the community, this project cannot succeed.

:)We need you! And your feedback is welcomed! :)

What Languages are Currently Supported?

  • US (United States)
  • UK (United Kingdom)
  • DE (German)
  • DK (Danish)
  • FR (French)
  • BE (Belgian)
  • NO (Norwegian)
  • PT (Portuguese)
  • SV (Swedish)
  • IT (Italian)
  • ES (in development get in touch)
  • RU (in development get in touch)

OK. How do I run the DuckEncoder.jar using a specific keyboard map?

Depending on the filename its either encoder.jar/duckencoder.jar. Make sure you have java installed (if not visit http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html)


java -jar duckencoder.jar -l <location of language.properties> -i input.txt

Example Windows:

java -jar duckencoder.jar -l resources\uk.properties -i input.txt

Example Linux/OSX:

java -jar duckencoder.jar -l resources/uk.properties -i input.txt

Note: the different direction of the \ / . Also if -l is not specified it defaults to Amercian (USA).

What Filesystems are Supported

Atmel AVR's only support the FAT filesystem. Therefore, the Ducky is limited to reading FAT formatted sdcards.

Depending on your OS this may be either FAT,FAT16,FAT32,VFAT. (For sdcards over 2GB it has to be FAT32/VFAT)

I think my Ducky is Dead?

Don’t Panic!

Check the FAQ's above, you may want to try flashing the Ducky, to rule out software errors. If this all fails, its likely a hardware fault/ Ducky has become damaged in the post (it can happen).

There is a decent Hak5 Returns/Exchange Policy, just contact shop@hak5.org.

The Micro SDcard is Stuck, How do I get it out?

Initially the micro sdcard may appear to be stuck or jammed. Do not worry! Many users have used tweezers or a small flat-head screwdriver to prize the card out of the Ducky's sd-slot (using the lip at the end of the card). Now the sdcard-slot is very stiff at first, repeatedly inserting and removing the sd-card several times will slowly loosen the slot; making it easier in the future to extract and replace the micro sdcard.

Encoder / Java Woes

If you get the following error with the Encoder:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Encoder : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0

It means that your version of Java is outdated (likely version 1.6.x), the current Encoder is pre-compiled with version 1.7.25. You can either update Java to the latest version, or download the source, and use the java jdk to compile your own version compatible with 1.6.x. Full instructions are on the ducky-decode website (above).

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Worst care scenario and ducky was damaged in post- please use this link for returns and exchanges to the HakShop: https://hakshop.myshopify.com/pages/refund-and-return-policy

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