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[Question] About the Rubber Ducky?


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Deluxe Package includes:

  • USB Rubber Ducky board
  • USB Micro SD Card Adapter
  • Micro USB OTG Adapter (for Android)
  • 256 MB Micro SD card
  • Snap-on "Flash Drive" Case
  • USB Rubber Ducky* and Hak5 decals
  • Quack Start Guide

1: *Correction* You do get a rubber duck in the delux Pack

2:Only if you program a specific payload in Ducky Script

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rubber duck included
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It COULD do the second thing. Assuming you program it to do so. I've programmed a number of different types of backdoors from simple netcat connections to actually having the ducky type out and compile a real binary on the fly. Do some reading around here and you'll definitely find what you are looking for. In fact, I'm finding that the duck can do far more interesting things than just backdoors ;)

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Maybe we should collate and advertise all the interesting things the Duck can do?

  • To gain access to systems in Social Engineering engagements.
  • To prove the gaps in Data Loss Prevention Policies.
  • To help automate the process of complex tasks. (eg build wireless profiles on corporate wireless networks that use peap and 802.1x authentication - Ive have seen this cause confusion in the office!).
  • To demo the possibility of behaving like a yubi-key, for improved passwords.
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I bought my USB-RD about three or four weeks ago now and it came complete with a little purple rubber duck. There's no hole in it's arse for for the USB, and it doesn't squeak when you squeeze it, but it's still a nice little toy. :)

There have been incidents (me included) where the 256MB SD Card which comes with the USB-RD doesn't work. In this case, small cards are available very cheaply from many different outlets. Just make sure any card you use is formatted as FAT32 or VFAT.

The SD Card only relies on having an inject.bin file in it's root directory. Other than that, the card can have any amount of extra files and can even be formatted as a bootable drive. I'm currently using a 32GB SD Card with a BackTrack 5 Live CD on it, using Yumi. I'm using the TwinDuck Firmware.

The USB-RD does not come with any software, compilers or payloads, but it does have a reference card showing the syntax for DuckyScript, and sample payloads are available on these forums.

Welcome to DuckClub.

Please obey the rules of DuckClub. ;)

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