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Connecting Pineapple to existing wireless network


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I've had great luck with the pineapple so far, but I'm struggling wrapping my head around how to achieve this.

I have no problem usb tethering my android to the pineapple, or using ICS through the ethernet cable.

Ideally I'd like to be able to use the pineapple with a usb storage device (not enough space for sslstrip and such) and still be able to have internet connectivity through the pineapple. Taking my laptop and sharing it through ethernet is not practical

What would I need to do to connect the pineapple to an existing wifi network, while still being able to use the usb slot for storage?

I have the network manager module installed but I'm not sure if it's possible without connecting my ALFA device or otherwise..

Any help would be awesome guys!

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As Seb so succinctly put it, you will need a powered USB hub. Searching the forums you'll find many threads discussing them, petertfm and myself have used the belkin 4 port powered hub with great success. Its important to power the alfa wifi adapter with external power, as the pineapple doesn't have enough juice on its onboard usb port. With the USB hub you can also plug in a usb drive of your choice for expanded storage for sslstrip, tcpdump, infusions, etc.


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Herp a derp what a brain fart, of course.

Thanks guys.

I was reading around the forums about usb hubs, I actually have a d-link powered hub lying around. I chopped the usb cables red wire as directed so it doesn't backfeed power into the pineapple. I am right in thinking this is necessary?

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