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What are your 'must have' android or iOS apps?

Michael Lindsay

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I'm going to have a lot of downtime this week and next week at work due to all of our clients being at a national meeting so I decided it was time for me to clean up my phone so I put the stock rom back on it and rerooted it. As I was reinstalling my 'must have' apps. Those apps that are always the first ones you get when you try out a new ROM or whatever your reason was for wiping your device.

I'm not trying to just limit it to those first few apps that you install, if you have anything you think is worth a mention feel free to post it

These are always the first apps I install

  • Google Voice
  • Airdroid
  • Solid Explorer
  • Spotify
  • Camera 360
  • Bacon Reader
  • QuickPic
  • Chrome

Here are a few that I use fairly often

  • LinkedIn
  • SoundHound
  • Mint
  • Tweedle
  • Fing
  • XBox Smart Glass - To keep my Girlfriend from sitting in bed watching Netflix all day while I'm at work
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Hey my aps are lame and sad. Here goes

call blocker

pufin browser supports flash

binary calculator



go sms pro

mx player

wifi analyzer

subnet calculator

wiggle wifi I mapped wifi in my whole area.

I have other apps for guitar note taking in class etc not important

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My Android apps (* = critical to have):

Internal Droid stuff
*Android Terminal Emulator
Complete Linux Installer
Titanium Backup
ROM Manager

Discovering hosts
Network Discovery
Shark for Root
Wifi Analyzer
Shark Reader

Connecting to hosts
USB 2 Serial Terminal
Splashtop Remote
2X RDP Client
Script Kitty

*Google Authenticator
Where's My Droid

Dropbox+Google Drive
Samba Filesharing

Google Voice

Plex for Android


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iOS is a bit scarce. so here's mine:

Terminal (daddy needs a command prompt)

Metasploit (installable through command prompt)

Fing (Network Discovery)


iNet (Network Discovery & Portscanner)

WiFiFoFum (oldie - good for wardriving - do people still do this??? Useful for finding & locating networks nearby)

Have recently got my hands on a MK802 android stick, so looking for suggestions for that. :)

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people calling their apps sad, i dont have any apps, i have my phone rooted and have pirni, but i dont have apps or use them, except for netflix once a month. i only use my phone to call, and occasionally text.

Wtf. These phones are supposed to consume your life! Get with it. ;)


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