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Bit lost but I shouldn't be


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This is a simple thing, this shouldn't be stupping me :) but sadly it is.

Setting up the Pineapple should be as easy as a home router (as mentioned in the booklet).

Yet I can't even get to the console.

So I'm using Windows 7 Pro but have the laptop and the Pineapple off all networks. I'm not sharing any network but have set the IP of the laptop set to:


I tried to go to but get nothing. Noticed on Security4Plus's video & the Pineapple website there is now a port number for the Pineapple (although on the Pineapple site that refered to Linux). Can't get to it on that either.

The WLAN and PWR lights are on along with the WPS on the Pineapple. I'm powering it via USB on the laptop as being in the UK I need to sort out getting a US to UK adapter for the power supply.

I've tried using Advanced IP Scanner to scan all IPs on that range. It picks up my laptop and one time it picked up the Alfa (Pineapple) and I could also ping it, but still can't get to the console via a web browser.

Where do I go from here? Any ideas.

Hoping it's not buggered because when it arrived, box hadn't faired to well in shipping but the aerial is the only thing that showed signs of damage due to the bent tip. Not fused about that as I can use the aerial from my other Alfa.

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Tried that but console doesn't come up.

Tried with the supplied CAT cable and via WIFI, can't get to it either way.

When I was trying to get to it via WIFI, that's when I could see it in the list when I did the IP scan but still couldn't connect, despite being able to ping it. I've unplugged it and read some more, tried again and now can't even see it in an IP scan or ping it.

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