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Antenna connector broken?!


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I have a pineapple mark 4 (2.7.0) and have a problem.

I think the connection to the antenna on the inside is lose/broken. I don't have any signal, only if i'm very close to the pineapple.

The connector was lose and i have been trying to tighten it, but i think it has been turned around to much and broke off or something like that.

Is there a way for me to open the pineapple's body without breaking it? And can i fix this my self?

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for your help

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Ok, i have opened the pineapple and the wire that connects to the RPSMA adapter(?) is loose/broken off.

I tried to get it back in, but it bends and won't go in.

But i remembered that i had a alpha R36 lying around. So opened that up and removed the connector cable and put it on the pineapple.

This looks like the exact same cable, but still no improvement on the wireless. Anyone has an idea how this is possible. This should work right?

Here are some pictures:








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Well in my experience with the alfa panel I had to get right in front of the pineapple to get a signal. However using the omni-directional antenna I usually can be about 50-60 away from the pineapple, and still have 3/4 signal strength. Usually through walls.

Have you tried with the original antenna?

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Well if the other antenna cable you tried hasn't helped with your signal problem, you might have to contact the Hakshop to see if they will replace it. If your using a phone to connect to wlan0 try using a laptop instead. The only other thing I would suggest is hook it up via ethernet and reflash to 2.7.7

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Someone of Hak5 that can help me out here? Sure don't hope i can throw my brand new pineapple away.

And does anyone know whats the name of that little connector cable(+ RPSMA adapter) is? Maby i can order one on the internet and check if that works.

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