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Building a fault database


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I have recently started my first IT helpdesk role and I have noticed that there is no sort of documentation or database for faults/trouble shooting which more often than not requires putting the customer on hold, hunting down someone from software engineering or sys eng to get an answer for the fault that is occurring

I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on a program or a good way of localizing all this information for easy access whilst dealing with customers? Seems to be that finding the answer slows down not just me, but everyone in the support team. The management team at work seem to be fairly open to suggestions on changing processes and anything that speeds up customer support I think would be welcomed.

Thanks in advance

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If your company has a Webserver with PHP extensions, you can use this PHP web-based application, to keep track of incidents and problems logged by the clients.


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We used to use incident response tickets kept in a binder by month, but also stored them on a network share for the Helpdesk users, in directories by topic if needed. My suggestion is build a basic form, or excel sheet of questions user had, fixes, and then index them in a share all helpdesk users have access to. It was way harder to search for them from the binders other than when someone said, remember last month when such and such happened, we could pull the incident response ticket from the book to prove we fixed it, etc, fax a copy over to them, if a user says it was never fixed or whatever the case may be, paper trails plus digital copies for all in the department to share and use help greatly though. One of the guys went as far as building something similar to what infiltrator said, which was a searchable webpage on the intranet lan that users could use to help troubleshoot dumb shit, like, is the printer powered on, check for toner in fax machine, etc.

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In episode S04E02 they talk about spiceworks @ http://www.spiceworks.com. It looks pretty robust. I've never used it. Request tracker is free and I know of a few people that use it. At my company we use Dell's KBox. It does asset inventory, ticketing and patching but it's a bit pricey so if you're looking for something free I would look into the first two.

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