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Better get Prepared


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So you international travelers out there be warned that border patrol ie: DHS/TSA has been granted the power to go through "data on electronic devices"

I am not sure of 2 things yet:

1) what does "random search of electronic data" mean? Can they get an image of your HDD?

2) can I put code which monitors logon attempts that erases my drive after backing up and sending out said back-up? What about warez that 'back-feeds' to the copier, effectively rendering their machine useless?

*scratches head, "must find the answers. ALL the answers..."

peep the link


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Best case scenario, remove HDD's and run off live discs when taking laptops over seas. Keep mem cards and thumb drives set as truecrypt volumes, full disk encryption, and carry an external HDD, fully encrypted with truecrypt. Never give a password or permission to search any of your devices either. You have a right to privacy and to remain silent. They give you trouble, worst they can do is detain you until they send you on your way, but they will try to intimidate you and use mind tricks as if they are on your side. Anywhere within I think 100-200 mile radius of the Mexican border, they can also remove you from your car and do full searches of your car, and if you put up a fuss, full cavity search. No joke. We've become such a police state in America, its just a sad state of affairs in this day and age we can't trust our own government, and once they formed Homeland Security, all law enforcement falls under the same direction from the top down. Thanks Bush, and 9/11 FUD. We allowed it to happen though, and its the price our kids will pay for generations to come.

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The police/law enforcement agencies will never admit it; most testimony is usually brought forth by varying factors of intimidation against the suspect... which is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. It is not above interrogators to also say, "We will drop charges if you tell us (insert crime here).".... never fall for that. Seriously...one of the reasons I don't make better money than I do now.

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I travel internationally all the time for work. I travel with multiple hacktops, pineapples, alfa's, batteries, you name it. All these things are legal, but could be considered 'shady'.

I've never once been stopped or even given a second glance. Yes, they have every right to fuck with your computers. Yes, they can boot up your machine to check to see its a working computer. Yes, they can take an image of your hdd for later or immediate analysis. Yes, they can confiscate your computer with no given reason at all (in some countries).

They can do all these things, but they almost (almost) never do. Why would they? Give them a reason to fuck with you, and they may. Be "just another traveler" and they won't. Simple as that.


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If anyone's been following me on Twitter, I'd been posting vids on this topic for a long time. People are just now catching on about this kind of stuff in the mainstream, and the news and media, are finally beginning to turn on the administration, former Bush, and current Obama, and go back to real reporting on the REAL events of what a post 9/11 world really is and what it means.


Thats an article from 2008. Things are worse today.

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It truly does scare me that the U.S. is resorting to these types of tactics and I genuinely am afraidn of them spreading to Canada. I would say "move to Canada, problem solved!" but trhthfully, who knows how long it will be untill these types of policies are adopted here in Canada? I honestly hope never, but it is impossible to know for sure.

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