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Blinking WPS with any flash drive

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I just got the MKIV last night and I am very green as far as the pineapple. My issue seems to be every thumb drive I install causes the system to hang almost like a boot loop. I tried the ext4 for mating, is my device botched? or am i just an idiot.I have always used windows but wanted to free my mind and am trying linux. Am i doing some thing wrong?

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I am on 2.7.0 And I am running on AC, same effect with USB power, and battery pack. I am trying to use a 4gb kingston and also a 16GB supertalent the name may be off, I have tried the format and all, the MKIV simishuts off and WPS blinks I have let it run for as long as 20 min with no stopping of the blinking

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