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[Question] Executable issues with the ducky

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Hey guys,

I've gotten everything to work fine and I understand how the duck works. The only issue I have is that the only way I can get my payloads to run is when I click the button on the duck encoder. The program wont run just by plugging the duck in. Thoughts on how to fix this? Thanks!

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It sounds like you didn't go through the flashing process, so you sill have the stock firmware. Post the helloworld.txt file here so we can see it, there might be something there. Also, make sure you are using the encoder correctly. Typically the inject.bin is not created in power shell, but is created in the command line.

example of command:

J:\> java -jar J:\Encoder_V1.2\duckencode.jar -i J:\HelloWorldFolder\HelloWorld.txt -o J:\inject.bin

Also, make sure the inject.bin is on the root of the SD card.

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> Typically the inject.bin is not created in power shell, but is created in the command line.

Sorry this sort of confused me. Power shell is the command line application I'm using.

Also, what is the flashing process I need to go through?

Says I currently can't upload the text file, but here is what is in it..

REM Author: -

REM Description: Hello World

STRING Hello World


Thanks so much for the input!

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Ok, I just tried to use power shell, and you're right, its just like the command line, and should work for our purposes. We are going to change the hello world you are using so we can actually see the output in a text program, so here's the hello world program I put on the duck site.

DELAY 3000
STRING notepad
STRING Hello World!!!

For now don't even bother with trying to flash the ducky, it isn't strictly required for learning purposes.

The following is what I would type into Power shell assuming that both the encoder, and the hello world text document are both on the root of the drive:

Windows PowerShell
Copyright © 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

PS C:\Users\UserName> J:
PS J:\> java -jar encoder.jar -i HelloWorld.txt
PS J:\>

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