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Experience with SBS PC7?


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New here at Hak.5. Great shows! Thumbs up!

Here's my problem: I have gotten hold of 2 PC7s ( 566 MHz Celerons, rugged PCs ) and I have succesfully installed Suse 9.0 on one of them but the other one gives me a freakin' headache!

When running the Suse 9.0 installation the language selection screen appears but no list of languages?!?!?

I have tried installing newer versions - nothing. Other distros - they hang when setting the clock. It has been running Windows NT Embedded before swiping the HD.

Any ideas?


PS: Before asking - ( .75 * Dane + .25 * Swede ) = Henrik

PPS: Getting desperate - have a $2,200 paper weight...

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What are the hardware specs like on those things? Might be a case that it needs some drivers that aren't standard. If that is the case, have you considred trying *BSD on them? NetBSD is ment to be ported to many types of hardware, and despite the sorry state of the OS as a whole, might be worth a shot. If that doesn't work, you may be forced to go back to windows.

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