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Changed root pass in web interface


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I changed the root password in the web interface and now I can't get in with either my new password or the default, pineapplesareyummy. Holding the reset button for 30 seconds seems to have no effect.

1. My password used an apostrophe. Is it possible that that character was botched when passing it through to sh? And if so, might that mean I can use an escaped code for the apostrophe?

2. The other forum posts that mention password issues lead me to believe that my only recourse is reflashing the thing but I'm finding this hard to swallow. There's gotta be SOMETHING else I can do, right?

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Have you tried sshing into it? If the apostrophe did happen to mess something up from the web interface you should be able to login via ssh and change it. If that doesn't work try rebooting the pineapple and then repeat the steps. If that still doesn't work then you will probably need to flash it.

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First of all, always say what firmware version you are on.

Secondly, where did you ever read holding the reset button for 30s would work? This is false information.

It has been said numerous times, the reset button should be held 5-10 seconds. Anything between that will trigger the reset script. Make sure that the pineapple is fully booted beforehand.

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Try the password up to, but not including, the quote

The first word in my password was "It's". If I remember my panicked password entries from yesterday, I think I tried "It" and that was rejected as well.

Yeah, this should work. 2.7.1 has an update to the reset button AND to the password field, sanitizing it better.

I suggest you upgrade soon!

I'll be upgrading as soon as possible.

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