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What kind of Power Supply is this?


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So I picked up this powermac G5 on the cheap thinking nothing about the power cord, the guy didn't have any of the cables that came with it. said it worked just fine and that they don't need it anymore... I get it home go to plug the thing in and it's got this funky power jack/outlet/plug (whatever you want to call it). Can anyone Identify? is this European or something?



edit: I am in the USA and wondering if I need to replace the PSU in this thing to get it to work here.

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That's Apple's way of saying, you can only buy parts for our hardware from us. Look at their iPhone, iPod power connectors and dock connectors. No standard USB, but instead, proprietary design, meant to keep you from buying 3rd party parts. Open it up, and see if the connectors are even molex on the other end or if they too, use a special connector for power to the MOBO. They might use standard molex for the HDD, but I wouldn't be suprised if the MOBO requires an "Apple" connector of some sort.

Have fun with the Apple Tax.

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I checked into it and my friend has a G5 much like this and its a standard cord like what you would see on any PC.

as for the power supply, its in the bottom and apparently I have to take the whole damn thing apart to get at it. the stuff running to the drives is all standard though.

I figure if I could get a cheap apple machine to fart around with, modify/burn DMGs and the like its worth the paltry cash I spent on this thing, but now I realize why the guy sold it for so cheap in the first place LOL!

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It may not even run. I wouldn't have bought it, without seeing it up and running in the first place, but thats just me. Depends on the year, and model of the g5 -


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