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My ip being sent to cloud.wifipineapple.com?


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sorry if this has been discussed previously but I have a used the Fon for a while now I just got a Mark IV, props to the development team btw I love all the new features, hardware, and modules :).

Anyhow I see that my Mark IV is connecting to http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/ip.php

It apparently reports my ip and I was wondering why this info is being collected, I have read the Pinenumbers forum post but this information was not mentioned in that post. What is the purpose of this connection, If I update my host file to not connect to wifipineapple.com is this going to stop any functionality besides updates and downloading the modules?

Thanks for your time and explaination of this functionality

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Nope. This is the code:



$ip = getenv("REMOTE_ADDR") ; 
echo $ip;


Now, you asked WHY you connected to this site? You clicked the "reveal public IP" link on the main site. To be able to determine your IP you need some host to tell you who you are. Makes sense right? We used to use whatismyip.com and another site but they went down / changed so that you can't get the IP over a script. So we figured we would host our own "what is my IP" service. If you don't want to connect back to us, well, don't click that link.

Of course we do NOT log any IPs. As you can see the script simply echoes it out.

If you don't trust us (and hey, you use wifipineapple for infusions etc anyway), just use your own server, paste the above code into a file and change the URL in the status.php file ;)

In regards to your connection to PineNumbers, as said numerous times, if we do collect information like that, we will announce it.

Saying that, collecting IP addresses could be useful. Why? Look at our download statistics. You could download it 1k times and give us lots of downloads. That sucks though as it is an unrealistic number. Many sites use IPs to check if the users have already downloaded a file. Saying that, we DO NOT do that either. For exactly the reason of wanting to protect privacy. For now, nothing is changing in that regard.

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