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Have you looked at http://www.codecademy.com.

I believe you can jump to the harder parts.

Having used Code Academy (or tried to) as a teaching tool in the past, I have found it very lacking. The instruction for each lesson is often too simple, and the unit tests are of poor quality. I have seen students make random changes or input random statements until the unit tests pass and tell them that they have a correct answer, even if their answer is completely incorrect or even contrary to the described lesson. The tests are just too easy to fool, and the lessons to give sufficient direction or provide enough context.

If you are already familiar with the principles of computer programming than it is a sufficient tool for picking up the syntax and grammar of a new language. However, if you're new to programming, the site is all but useless without an experienced tutor to verify your solutions and understanding every step of the way.

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I just signed up for the security tube course. Its pretty good, but Vivek is definitely catering to those who already know how to program...which sucks because I don't (other than some complex bash scripting...). He kind of breezes through the beginner stuff, where I would prefer a little more detailed instruction. I'm supplementing it with learnpython.org and other free sites.

I just love Vivek...he might not be trying to be funny, but he gets a few laughs out of me everytime regardless. "Halo Security Tube and velcome to the Ess Pee Ess See tutorial course"


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