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Interceptor Module

Whistle Master

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Hi !

Another module I'm working on: the Interceptor, based on digininja's concept :)

As soon as the module is activated, you can run see the live traffic. I did not integrated the tcpdump part, as there is already a dedicated module for that :P

It is also possible to remotely capture traffic with tcpdump over ssh:

ssh root@ /usb/usr/sbin/tcpdump -i eth1 -w - 'port !22' > capture.pcap


- Autostart

- Auto Network configuration and installation with proper roll back

- Connect through a new SSID "Interceptor"

- 802.1X


- Transparent 802.1X bypass, but it needs ebtables which I don't manage to install and run on the pineapple (yet)


- Ability to connect to the pineapple through wifi (for the moment, when the module is activated, you can only roll back by connecting to the pineapple through WAN port)


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Looks awesome Whistle Master! I've been waiting for this one so long I made a faux-interceptor with my raspberry pi, but I'd so much rather use the mark4 hardware. Your contributions make the pineapple what it is WM, thanks again.


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Hey WM - you still working on this one? I'm curious if you're able to pass through traffic between the wans and also supply internet for karma. If so, I'd love to see your IPTABLES pwnage, as I'm working on doing exactly this with my raspberry pi. Thanks man!


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