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Cheap-o case + Duct Tape = Awexome!


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During the night while I was painting a cheap-o 5$ case, the string that was suspending in mid-air snapped. When it fell it caused a ton of gouges and scratches.

Being the lazy-man I am I decided to leave it to some other time to fix.

Last night while studying for a French test I thought of ressurcting the case.

Having no cash right now I knew I couldn't go buy some more auto-paint.

I did however have some Duct tape.

Cheap-o case + Duct tape + heat gun + clear coat = AWEXOME TO DA MAXX!!1

I'm actually kind of how good it turned out.

I thought it would've looked all red-neckish.


Anyway, I think it more resembles the Noodles NDM1.


I'll get some shitty webcam pics up for now.

My brother has his camera right now.

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