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Usb hub mod on pineapple MK4?


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I am currently working/experimenting with these tp link wr703n (soon gonna buy alfa router and flash pineapple, and tp link tl-wr720n pocket router) and I came across this idea, what if you're able to do the internal usb hub mod same as the tp link wr703n.

I am sure someone has done this already? If so, I figured it would be a popular mod.


I am definitely going to try it when I get mine.

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I've done this a while ago. I really haven't had time to test it out (Haven't powered up my Pineapple in months), so I don't know how well it works in practice, but devices are recognized in both ports without problems. I replaced the single USB port with a double-high USB port, and extended the hole in the case. The hard part was to work the hub around the light pipes for the LED's. I bought a cheap, small hub on Ebay, took it apart, and cut the PCB down to the bare minimum. Everything fits on the back of the double USB connector.

For portable power, I grabbed a cheap DC-DC converter PCB from Ebay. Some are adjustable, and can easily convert 5V (Or even the 3.6V directly from a pack of salvaged Li-Ion cells) up to 8V. Something like this:


Of course, basic soldering skills are required.

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