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Long running script... What was the exact command? HELP!


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Ok, so I'm running a command that is taking days (spbin/hashcat) but i don't remember my exact command because i want to figure out the timespan based on the speed and the amount of patterns generated on spbin. Is there a command that i can do(history seems to only work on the console that i typed it on) to see what my current commmand running is. I know i can see which application is running but i need to know the exact command i typed. Any easy commands or tricks? Any help would be appreciated.

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maybe check your .bash_history file? I'm not sure if the history is written upon execution of the command, or after the completion of it though...


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There are a number of options available assuming a unix based os (linux, BSD, etc.).

You can one of the following to see information about the process (ps lists processes and piping its output through grep reduces the lines down to those you are interested in).

Linux style:    ps -elf | grep spbin BSD style:    ps aux | grep spbin

If you have it running in a terminal/console then you could also press 'CTRL+z' to pause the job and get your prompt back and then search your history for your full command. Once you have paused a job you can use 'fg' to start it again in the foreground or 'bg' to start it in the background (very useful when you realise that you have missed the '&' of the end of a process you meant to start in the background). In this case you will probably want to start it again in the foreground so you don't accidentally close the terminal and terminate the process.

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