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Trouble with Pineapple firmware at wrt160nl


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Hello, Just been reading up on the pineapple and its system and read that it were possible to flash routers like the wrt160nl with pineapple firmware.

while having the standard cisco firmware it seemed to reject the .bin firmware that pineapple have. so i installed open-wrt as i read it should be easier to get it installed.

now that i have open-wrt installed it only accept .trx firmware and not .bin

Any idea on how to get it installed? kinda unfamiliar with open-wrt and routers with another OS than original. but learning something new everyday :D

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Ok, thanks for the answer :)

but just a few questions about the original pineapple then :)

as i've understood the pineapple which got jasager and such will make wireless laptops, phones etc to automatically connect to the pineapple? like it will "steal" the already connected computers over to itself? and on the pineapple i get features like sniffing with ettercap and arpspoof etc? and hamster&ferret + SSLstrip and such?

and just one last thing. i can see that i can connect it to 3g/4g or connect it up to an android phone/tab but does it work on iphone or receiving internett from a normal router connected to WAN?

think i will invest in one of these but just need some confirmation that i got the right information about its features.


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It doesn't actually "steal" the already connected computers. When the computer boots up or the wifi card is turned on, it sends out probe requests. It says "HEY GUISE! I'M LOOKING FOR ATT_WIFI and BOINGO HOTSPOT" because it has remembered those. If the pineapple hears that request before any legit att_wifi or boingo hotspot access points hear it, it will respond with "YEAH d00d, right here! Connect to me br0!". Apparently the pineapple is a kind of frat jock today.

Now, if paired with an extra alfa wifi card, the pineapple can deauth the legit access points nearby. If you deauth well enough (I like to deauth the living daylights out of my legit APs - I find great joy in it haha) the legit devices connected to that AP will start looking for a new one, as they've now been kicked off. Thats when the pineapple will say "Well bud, you can connect to me instead!"

I'm not sure about the iphone tethering - maybe? You can provide it internet via a normal router, as long as its configured properly.


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So basically when an wireless network card is looking for its router the pineapple recognize that and invites the wireless card to connect to pineapple instead of the original router/AP. so when i interrupt the connection between the target and router it increases the chance for the target to connect to me? if thats the case it must be genius to use at high populated places or at shopping centres as there always will come someone unconnected and then we connected to me as i may be the one saying to the Wireless cards that i am your router at home.

then what about the functions. when a client connects to me will the pineapple automatically start sniffing on the target or do i need to target the client like i do in cain forexample. and what about the functions i asked for above? are they built in to the router and will the functions affect the target the soon as they connect?

and thanks alot for you answer :D learning something new is always great :)

seems like people on the forum have great knowledge about networking and the pineapple itself, so thats making me more interested in getting my hands on one! :D

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You got it now!

The sniffing won't be automatic, unless you set a script to start it automatically upon bootup or button press (as I do). I run tcpdump and sslstrip - you can lookup some of my scripts that I use on the jasager forum. Most of the things you want to do are available, but they need to be added via opkg or the 'pineapple bar' if you want a gui. You don't need to target a client like cain, but you can filter for certain things with tcpdump of course.

As for the attacks you mention, ettercap is not working yet, but whistlemaster and digininja are working on something along those lines. arpspoof is unnecessary, since you're already the man in the middle. hamster&ferret, I'm really not sure - I know theres been mention of it in the past, so maybe search the forums for any info regarding those tools. I mainly use sslstrip + tcpdump for my applications - or dnsspoof when I'm pulling some pranks on my wife and her friends hehe

It is always great to learn new things, and we're always glad to have more users and contributors! Word to the wise though, if you have any additional questions regarding the pineapple, please post in the Jasager forums. Thats where all the pineapple experts reside ;)


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Its all programmable or if you can't program it your self chances are you can download module from the pineapple bar (an app store type thing) and someone has made it really easy for you to do things like run sslstrip on startup or whatever you want. If you are looking into building it your self it doesn't look difficult at all. This is the hardware that I believe it is based on: alfa network AP121U. It is about $55 on amazon.

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