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[Question] How does one observe and monitor undetected?


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I am curious, how does one observe and monitor undetected? Possibly even send remote commands to a computer? Is it possible to do this with a simple scripting language like power shell, batch, or VB script? How would one use the duck to trigger code like this. Would you just download or use the duck to type it in? I realize that I probably wont get a good answer to this because the AV companies would be all over this post, but I have been surprised before.

I am actually more interested in running commands remotely as opposed to the techniques used to hide the code.

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I have a couple of ideas. The duck would be a great delivery tool. Got a script for windows mostly written. should post in a day or two after I test.

Great question, really got me thinking.

I didn't know where to start. I look forward to your take on the subject.

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