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cannot get fake mac from macchanger


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hey all,

trying to set a temporary mac on wlan1.

i have read a lot of tutorials regarding macchanger that seem pretty easy. However, i don't ever get the 'faked' mac.

here is what happens

i take that device down.. ifconfig wlan1 down.. then..

sudo macchanger --mac 00:11:22:33:44:55 wlan1

Permanent MAC: 00:c0:ca:6c:9a:06 (Alfa, Inc.)

Current MAC: 00:c0:ca:6c:9a:06 (Alfa, Inc.)

New MAC: 00:11:22:33:44:55 (Cimsys Inc)

any ideas? thanks
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Thanks for your reply. I still cannot seem to get the faked mac.

i have even tried the random flag

sudo macchanger -r wlan0
Permanent MAC: 00:c0:ca:6c:9a:06 (Alfa, Inc.)
Current MAC: 00:11:22:44:55:33 (Cimsys Inc)
New MAC: a6:37:0e:d8:63:cb (unknown)
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After you change it and bring it up, it should be changed. To test, get on another machine on the same lan, and ping the machine you changed the MAC on, then do an arp -a to show what the mac is from the machine you changed it on(after connecting back to the wifi of course). Sometimes, if you use wicd or any wifi manager stuff to get online, it stores your true info in a dhcp file that needs to be cleared though. I just forget the path and file name that holds the info though. Manually connecting from the command line though should work with the changes you made from the same terminal session.

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