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[BugReport] Rubber Ducky with Italian Keyboard Support

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Hi everyone,

I've got an Italian keyboard / italian Windows 7 version, what should I do in order to run rDucky payloads correctly? Everything works fine if I only have to press keys like ENTER, ARROWS, WINDOWS, CTRL or characters from a to z, but it freaks out with every other symbol like brakets, dots, commas etc.

Is there an encoder version I should use to make my ducky work fine?



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Make sure your using the latest encoder (currently v2.2).

I think your our first Italian so ill help walk you through creating a new file it.properties for Italian keyboards

You best option is download the ducky-decode svn

inside the svn is the Folder


This is the location of all the language maps.

keyboard.properties is the main file, it maps ascii characters to their HID values. Do not edit this file.

You probably now want to read a non-english language french/spanish/german to see how special characters are mapped.

An example from de.properties:


This website http://www.charset.org/charactersets.php is good for finding your character map and ISO codes.

Basically, you need to create a new file it.properties, and build the ISO_8859_1_code = key_located_on_US_QWERTY_keyboard

It may be a long process, but do this for all the characters you need.

This is a brief post, if you need clarification, ask questions, and I'll edit this post to make things clearer.

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You definitely need to move to Encoder 2.2 and build a valid it.properties, then the command will be:

java -jar encoder.jar -l ./resources/it.properties -i myfile.txt -o inject.bin

Inorder to generate a proper Italian Ducky Binary Payload.

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Hi snake,

before starting with the it.properties, I'd like to try to use german layout, cause it seems many keys are coded in the same way.

But I keep getting an error when I try to use the "-l" parameter...

Actually, it's not an error, it just print the encoder's readme file. I suppose I make some syntax mistake...any suggestion?

Thanks a lot for your support.

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Does the following work (Linux)?

java -jar encoder.jar -l ./resources/de.properties -i myfile.txt -o inject.bin


java -jar encoder.jar -l resources\de.properties -i myfile.txt -o inject.bin
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