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Pineapple IV + 3G attack


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Hello all !!!

I have an idea in my head and I'm new to the Pineapple, so my setup looks like this:

- Pineapple IV

- Alcatel OneTouch X230L (3G modem) with microsd card

- External battery for the Pineapple VI

How to setup Wifi Pineapple with the 3G modem so we can cover the internet connection, setup SSLstrip and tcpdump for sniffing, and for the last use this setup without computer on battery so when I power up the Pineapple it starts a Wifi AP with SSID say "SSID" and anyone who connect to this AP and start to surf the web the tcpdump and sslstripe will record this and store the files in the microsd in the Alcatel

I think I explain my idea so what tips and tutorials can you provide to help nail this task ?



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