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Fishtank Computer


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Ok I got this idea from another one of the threads I'm going to sink a full computer in a fishtank.... but saying I no idea what I'm doing would be an understatement....

Here's what I know so far

the tank size will need to be about 20 gallons or larger to fit the computer parts and fish and wires

I think my best bet would be to have each part to the computer in it's own custom size plexiglass case with a entry/exit port to run wires to and from. My friend sugested shrink tubeing, to run the wires with out them getting wet...

my BIGGEST worry is the power suply if I want to sink that too or just run the power in from outside the tank if I do it from outside the power wires will need to be LONG

Thing that I know also need consideration:

Heat in a small plastic box it's not good for the mobo or anything else...

Too much heat will kill the fish

I might also need If it starts to leak and water gets into the MoBo/HD/CD-ROM/!!POWER SUPLY!! something to kill the power so as to a) not kill the fish and b)hopefuly save the others devices

Anything I'm forgetting or need to know?

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lol. liquid cooling in a fishtank. I reccomend keeping the powersupply out of the water, and you will need *very* good ventilation to the compartments containing the bits of computer. This will make sure that heat doesnt build up. I also reccomend tropical fish so that you dont fry the fish. This way the heater will work less and the computer will heat the tank a bit

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I'm in talks with my fish friend and according to him bigger would be better because more water takes longer to heat and more glass space should keep it cooler as far as heat goes...

He also sugested I waterproof a webcam drop that in and host a webserver from said tank and do a live feed from inside the tank.. I'm loving that idea..

Also I am going to leave the power supply out of the tank so i don't have to worry about it's heat or fan...

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i wonder if u can get a frying pan usb device?

cooking with your computer can save endless trips to the kitchen!

There was a link to something like taht in the forums earlier, with filling up all of you pci slots minus one for the video card for 4 usb plugin things was pretty cool. *goes to finmd link*

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haha u can sink ur PC into cooking oil as is, and it will still run perfect, though doesnt quite keep it cool as the oil heats up <_< but yeah its still easly done, the oil has no Hydrogen so its not conductive so ur PC stay in one stick oily peice ^^

Oh as for the Fry pan, i have seen a USB hot plate for sale, though tis was 150$ AU

Edit: Just a warning, if u go with oil dont put ur fish in there...

2nd Edit: not the one i was looking at but does the same thing USB Hot Plate: http://www.bit-tech.net/news/2006/09/18/us...te_cooks_dinner

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