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Been getting a bunch of inquiries about the Church of WiFi WPA tables that are incorrect or mis-informed as well as a seeing a few posts around here that make me a little sad that people are'nt taking the time to read existing FAQ's and documentation. There's alot of misconceptions out there I'd like to clear up here since this forum seems to be a common link among this misinformation.

- I still sell the 9 DVD (33Gb) set of tables. They are the same ones from about 5 years ago. There has not been any changes or updates. The reason I still sell them is that people keep buying them. Alot from overseas where bandwidth is scarcer. Drop me a line, Render (AT) renderlab (.) net

- They are still realivant as part of your kit as a quick way to test ~ a million words against common SSID's in a few seconds.

- Offensive security made thier own with several million hashes per SSID but they are not available anymore as far as I can see but they took the idea and ran

- If your SSID is not hashed, no table will help you. Since the SSID is salt to make the hash, a table computed for another SSID wont work.

- Hashcat, Pyrit, and other GPU based programs can generate your own hash tables very quickly. Much faster than was (fiesably) possible with the equipment available 5 years ago when we did the CoWF tables.

- Online services like wpa-cracker.com can also generate and test hashes for you for a fee, but they are hugely scaleable. Everyone has access to a supercomputer now thanks to the cloud.

- If you are a legit pen tester, you've built in the cost and gotten clearances for using one of the online services to test. Have'nt you?

- In the files in the tables I sell, the SSID it was hashed for is the filename. There is no convention for identifying this among other tables users have generated.

- The wirelessdefence.org instructions are some of the better ones out there, if you cannot follow those, I'm sorry but there's little hope.

Hopefully that clears up some of the misconceptions out there and this post can be referenced in future.


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No offense or anything, but rainbow tables are becoming a thing of the past. Not many people, uses rainbow tables anymore. I know they are fast and efficient at cracking short lengthened passwords.

But creating and maintaining them can become quite cumbersome.

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