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General question about proxychains


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Good day to everyone

As the subject states, I have a general question regarding proxychains. I've watched the hak5 episode on it (ep 11.19) but I'm curious as to how you guys (fellow white/grey hats) get access to the various ssh servers that you're then chaining together. Do any of you use any so-called "Free Shells"? I've checked out a couple of the free shell providers, but they mostly seem to be crap (fill out these polls, sign up for these 15 credit cards, give us your email to spam, etc). My goal for this is mostly just to play with/test proxychains, i.e. how usable is it, get comfortable with the configuration, etc.

Anyone have any insight into how I can experiment with globetrotting ssh tunnels? Thanks!


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Most free-shells additionally kick you out, if they catch you proxying/tunnelling, its usually against their policies. Probably due to people abusing connections in the past.

You can normally pay for proxies through VPS providers - then you get a decent speed, but lose anonimity.

VPS Proxies are useful for web developer's when you work in one country and are developing a website with country/language/ IP restrictive content (eg. gambling websites; like local lotteries).

I personally find VPS proxies useful to view US netflix content in Europe/UAE, Netflix content in Europe and UAE is limited or next to nothing.

The best proxy-chain for staying anonymous (conditions depending) is essentially TOR.

I know HD Moore was working on a de-cloak project (dont no if its still live?), in an attempt to expose people hiding behind proxy-chains.

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