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Pineapple Kali Pi

Guest desarmy

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Bloody Brilliant! I had a similar setup with my Raspi with PwnPi forwarding all traffic and using the raspi to do more "fun" stuff. Now that I have kali on my laptops.. It dawned on me (after reading your brilliant post) to replace PwnPi with Kali for that epic power that shall be had. I'm working on it now. Flashing away my SD card. I have 3 bloody batteries including an Anker 120000 MaH. Another 10000 MaH POS but good enough and the wimpy one I got with the Elite setup. Now, with all this equitment and the Pineapple, let's see what I can create with Inspiration I got from this post. Let the scripting begin. Any epiphanies I have. i.e Sick automation script for pwning " insert likely monkey here" I will be sure to post. Cheers!

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Guest desarmy

I installed iSniff-GPS from github https://github.com/hubert3/iSniff-GPS

to install on kali pi follow the steps

1. git clone https://github.com/hubert3/iSniff-GPS.git

2. apt-get install python-setuptools

3. easy_install pip==1.2.1

4. pip install django

5. pip install dnslib

6. pip install protobuf

7. pip install beautifulsoup4

use their instructions and start on #2!


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I know this is an old thread, but I'm putting together a mobile Raspple Pi myself. I've posted this in a thread in the MkV section, thought I would share here as well for anyone playing with a Pi.

You can get MUCH faster results/performace by booting from a USB drive, instead of an SD. I have two Pi's setup in my house (one for OpenElec, the other for RetroPie) both boot from USB. Using a crap 4gb class 4 SD, and a USB 2.0 drive, the speed is fantastic. MUCH MUCH faster/smoother than the class 10 SD card I was using. (booting from a USB drive has been discussed quite a bit in XBMC forums) Also (at least with XBMC) it was fairly easy to get corrupt data written to the SD when overclocked. (I only had an issue once) While booting from the USB drive, overclocking to 1050mhz is not a problem.

I've got Kali on the Pi booting from a USB drive instead of the SD now. I'm using an old 2gb class 4 SD, and a (slow) 32GB USB drive. It definitely boots up faster, and moves around faster. I've also overclocked the CPU from 700mhz to 1ghz, and the RAM from 250mhz to 500mhz.

I'm guessing if you used one of the spiffy USB drives like this, it would help: http://www.amazon.co...d=ATVPDKIKX0DER

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