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USB Hacksaw Development

Darren Kitchen

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guys I didn't mean use a hacksaw on a mac, I meant make one

you know all the batch files and programs

I made mine on a mac. Granted I had to boot into windows first but it still said mac on the computer.

Sorry about the smartmouth "first post" I'll return to lurking in the shadows.

Cheers :D

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Well I did it.

So here....


NonU3 working.

Just obviously copy this to the root of your drive.

I upped the file size of the rar's to 10m because i dont want a bunch of little 1mb files in my inbox. I also renamed googies to BackUp.

I'm wondering what the cmd option is to enter in the computer name....

like %appdata% gives the link to appdata.

I know theres one for the computer name aswell. I'd like this to attach it to the filename of the rar'd files. So I can determine where it came from. I'd also like the ones for date and time.

Cheers kids.

Sorry for being a n00b. :(

I still can't install the LPinstaller.exe.

I copied the nircmd.exe and autorun.inf on my non U3 pen drive.

Any suggestions/advices would be appreciated. thx in advance =)

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Whos tried it so far on u3? I have a sandisk micro u3 1 gig, but ive had bad exp. with u3 installers. When I tried the switchblade installer for my u3, it messed up my drive. It would read the storage partition at all. Id like the u3 version of hacksaw but......Im nervous

Edit:Also, what if I want both hacksaw and switchblade?

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Ok so I did this and now I have 150 emails of "Goodies" in my gmail account. Do I have to open each one individually and save the .rar file..That will take an hour....

If I want to take this off the PC do I run the Antidote

Yup, that's the idea, unless you're running the non-u2 version.

Has anybody come up with and antidote for it yet?

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It was mentioned in the last episode about the hacksaw where you could mod the code to not only copy the contents of the usb drive but also send the payload to any drive inserted. Was wondering if anyone has tried that yet. It seems so easy to do, but wouldn't the drive have to be flashed with the loader?

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@ operat0r_001

Curious as to what this bit of code will do exactly?

rd /s /q c:

Also where could I go to learn more about this type of coding? Sorry to ask, I have googled

Batch Scripting


but can't seem to find anything containing some of the code used in these payloads, ex. %computername%

A link or reference would be highly appreciated :D

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@ pseudobreed

Dude thanks alot, I really appreciate it:) I knew what rd meant and the path but not the others. So that code sounds like it just wipes out the drive C: that is?

Anyway thanks again I'll probably be messin around with these variables all night now :)

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hey everybody i just downloaded this and im having some problems with it.

first of all i made the mistake of trying to install without taking a look at everything and i took a look in the sbs files and its empty. now i dont know if you have to make the send.bat file yourself or what but its not working.

i think i might have screwed my usb drive up to. since i installed the launchpad from the loader_u3_sandisk folder it doesnt work like it used to

any help with this would be much appreciated. thanks

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Hey, Im new to the forums and i was playing around with the USB hacks and i have a question. In terms of the hacksaw i was wondering if there was a way that instead of emailing the contents of an inserted flash drive you could email the contents of a folder on the target computer. I tried working through the files but im new to programming and though i picked a few things up im not positive how i could acomplish this. I see in general how the send.bat worsk, but im unsure on how the contence of what it sends is set up. I think sbs.exe is what is copying the files from an inserted media device but im not positive. so if so would you have to edit that file to get documents from a different location or you you do something like make a new batch file that copied a folder then sent it using send.bat? Thanks in advance.

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OK, I have read every post in this thread twice, and I haven't found the answer to my problem. It has been brought up, but the solution mentioned did not help me. I can't find the "send.bat" file in the SBS folder. I have already changed the folder options to view hidden files and folders, so that isn't it, but i still cant find the "send.bat" file.....


Im using a 1 GB cruzer micro with u3

I downloaded "hak5_usb_hacksaw_ver0.2poc.rar"

I unzipped it using WinZip

I ran LPInstaller.exe

I copied the WIP directory to the root of the flash drive


but I see no send.bat file

I hope my mistake inst really apparent

thanks for the help

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