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Karma disabling client internet access

Scanner Martel

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Ive got the Mark IV running 2.7 on windows 8. I have my pineapple tethered via Ethernet and sharing enabled.The problem im having is that when a device connects to an open network automatically, the pineapple receives the request and successfully associated according to the log page. with DNS spoof enabled it all looks good until the client tries to navigate the web. Two things have been happening.

First is whenever the client tries to go to any site the load bar goes to about a third of the way and the page never loads regardless of whether it is a spoofed HTML site from the www folder or its just supposed to forward to the real site. Nothing works. Its like Karma is supposed to be a tool to disable internet access.

But when the clients connect to the SSID broadcasted by the pineapple intentionally, ie selecting the network, everything works swimmingly as long as karma is disabled. clients have internet access and are either forwarded to their destination or the HTML page from the pineapple.

The second thing thats happening is that occasionally when karma is enabled and a device connects to an open network from memory it will occasionally just switch over to the pineapple SSID. This may have something to do with the fact that the first network isnt providing internet access due to the fore mentioned problem.

Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks all.

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