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could this work as possible power supply?


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I believe the battery size would be a bit small for long term use. Also, at only 1A output it may struggle with anything connected via USB. You also have to look at the charge time via solar. You'll maybe get 2 hours of life out of that battery, and it takes 5 hours to charge 75%. Means the solar portion won't keep you running indefinitely. I'm still a noob though and may be off.

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I agree, Airman. This looks great as a concept; but whether or not it will really improve battery life is kind of up in the air. I think battery packs themselves need an overhaul. My Moto Triumph battery dies insanely quick. I remember the cell phone of the late-80's - early-90's... those batteries were almost the size of a car battery and still seemed to have the same amount of time to talk on as todays' "smart phones". Then again; if you don't remember a time before widely used cell phones; it is probably time you did a google search on them... you may be surprised.

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cool thanks for the responses....

i am also just looking for something or anything better than having multiple pineapple juice battery packs to run pineapple + wifi card + dongle + sd card.... and right now i only have 1 battery so it limits things and just plugging it in ha only kinda works trying to troll friends who come over...

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