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BackTrack 5 r3 and USB 3 issues


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Hi All,

I am a 2nd year undergraduate studying Information Security. I have recently bought a new laptop to ensure i could run multiple virtual OS's and practice Pen Testing.

The new lap top has only USB3 ports.

I have created a virtual OS of BackTrack 5 r3 within Virtual Box and VM Player and get errors when trying to connect USB devices.

When using:

Virtual Box i have a UUID error.

VM Player it says 'Driver in Use'

I thought this was originally a Windows error from the Host OS, but have recently made a live boot on a USB drive.

When within the Live boot i cannot access any USB devices.

I have also tried the Live boot on another laptop which only has USB 3 ports and have the same problems.

I know that the boot drive is fine and functional since it work perfectly on my old laptop which has USB 2 ports.

Does any of the community know how i could sort this problem out or will i have to wait for a release of BackTrack which supports USB3?



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Thanks for the reply!

I originally thought this, so installed the addon packs for the extra driver support.

The reason i now think it is to do with the Distro is that USB 3 doesnt function when in live boot either. If it only happened on my laptop i would of thought thought that was the issue, but i have found the problem to occur when using USB 3 on any laptop.

Does anyone else have issue with USB 3 support and BackTrack or am i the only one? lol

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This used to work for vmware:

USB 3.0 support is available for Linux guests running kernel version 2.6.35 or later (Ubuntu 10.10) through a new virtual xHCI USB controller. To enable this feature, add the following line to the .vmx file: usb_xhci.present = “true”. Do not enable this feature for Windows guests. Because Windows does not currently have a generic xHCI driver, this feature will not work in Windows.

If this fails, an alternative is Blackbox - I here good things about it (but personally never used it).

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you might as well not even bother with virtualbox, the latest virtualbox doesnt yet support usb 3.0. vmware player on the other hand does. you dont need the whole workstation, just download and install vmware player latest version 5.0.1. bt5 r3 is fine as well as it has kernel 3.2.x.

what you need to do is configure the hardware settings when you create the new virtual machine from the bt5 .iso

heres a screen shot of how it will look



then you should be good to go.

out of curiosity what OS is the host system?

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