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[BugReport] Bad Micro SD with my rubber ducky deluxe Pack


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First off I want to say this is a Amazing tool and don't let this one issue stop you from getting one, Thank you all for your help in advance . I just got my Pineapple mk4 and rubber ducky deluxe(RRD) on Friday was so hyper about the Pineapple that i did not look at the RDD until last night i have tryed every one i can to see the SD card with 3 different readers on my OS X Lion , Windows 7 and Linux BT none of them see the SD card I was hoping its a bad SD card the box my stuff came in was a bit ruff but i kinda got the Pineapple running altho that's a whole other post . So i am open to any ideas how to get this running short of buying a new RDD or SD Card. Thanks All

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If you have an android/ blackberry phone, there is normally a micro-sdcard inside for extra storage for pics etc. Can you try another micro-sdcard that could be possibly lying around in the Ducky?

When you insert the Ducky with the sdcard - what lights do you have on the Ducky?

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Ducky looks like it is working fine. Sounds like it is indeed a faulty sdcard

You can get in touch with the hak shop, to exchange the sdcard, but you can normally pick one up cheaply and easily from ebay, local electronics/camera shop or even your local supermarket.

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I received a bad Micro card as well, but it seems like more of a hassle to return than to spend a couple of bucks on a new one. the smaller they are the less they cost, and they really do not need to be very big as the payloads are tiny.

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If you've re-flashed the Ducky and tried other sdcards, and the sdcards are known to function correctly. The sdcard reader on the ducky might be at fault (I personally have never encountered this problem before, theres always a first time)

I just want to check that the sdcard is inserted, and that the end of the card is flush with the end of the ducky. As the firmware cant read the sdcard (what the red led means).

If in doubt.... Contact the hak5 shop shop@hak5.org subject:"Exchange USB Rubber Ducky Request", they're very good at exchanges.

The gang was all at CES, i think they have returned???

You might have a small delay, but they're always quick on dealing with problems, I had to exchange my first duck(no leds, no dfu-mode - completely dead duck!) the turn around time for exchange was 4 working days.

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