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What is difference between the Fon and Pineapple?


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I've been trying to figure out how to turn my laptop with two wireless cards and an eth0 into a kind of pineapple by installing the appropriate software. The Laptop already is configured with BT5.

So I've been reading and see that some people use the so called Fon (don't know what that is) to duplicate the activity of the pineapple.

Is there indeed a way to turn a laptop into a pineapple using BT5? I know I can run sslstrip on the laptop, and also karmasploit, but can they both be run at the same time and if so, what is the configuration for this or is there a tutorial somewhere explaining how to load both karmasploit and sslstrip?


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The way that I know is by using Airbase-ng - a tool found in the aircrack-ng suite. Vivek has some videos on using airbase in his wifi megaprimer on securitytube.net. Theres pros and cons to using airbase over the pineapple (i.e. you can capture a wpa handshake with airbase). As cool as airbase is, I must warn you - its not nearly as slick as the pineapple is. Theres a lot of benefit to using specialized hardware for this task. As an example, you have to configure your own DHCP server if you want to use airbase effectively, whereas the pineapple of course is essentially all plug and play.

Since Mr. P didn't really answer this aspect of your question: the fon is another kind of wifi router that the karma/jasager was originally developed for by Mr. Robin Wood (aka digininja). Just google fon router and you'll find all the info you need about it.

Good Luck!


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The Fon was the hardware that the Pineapple was originally developed on. We have progressed from the Fon through various other embedded hardware to the custom hardware we are using now.

You can get similar features to the Pineapple on a PC by using my patched hostapd drivers. You'll have to set up all the other tools yourself though as there will be no module system to help you out.

Your next question is likely to be how to install it, just google for how to install normal hostapd from source but use my version instead and use the config file from my site.


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