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Why's my rating bad? -15 Likes?


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Mine used to be like -100 or something, so don't worry about it. Means you're doing something right, if people take the time to vote something you posted, even if they don't agree with it, it meant enough to someone to form an opinion. In reality, you shouldn't care what your rating is. Its an arbitrary thing that can also be abused by others, so don't take it personally or too seriously.

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Thank you so kindly digip. Arbitrary or not online reputation is rather important now-a-days. Lolz Thanks again.

For instance, look at my rating, it's like over -400. At first I was abit shocked, I thought that people in here really hated my guts.

But as long as you do the right thing, such as posting the right stuff and willing to help others, and treat them with respect.

You should be in the green in no time.

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