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Mint 14, mknod/udev


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Hey All,

I was banging my head on an issue finally converted fully to mint, but setting up my USB-Serial adapter was a nightmare. At first I just plugged it in ran lsusb and I could see the adapter showing up then installed putty with but wasn't able to console. I then figured i'll try giving screen /dev/ttyUSB0 a shot and it worked immediately. I read that I should use "mknod /dev/ttyUSB0 -c 188 0" but still no luck. I then added my user to the dialout group then through the Properties GUI for Putty changed the permission to read/write for my user. That seemed to do the trick. I then reverted everything back to try and duplicate the original problem to see what exacly fixed it.

I would have thought something like udev would have automatically configured the device and there was no need for mknod. Could it just have been the permission to the application. Simply changing my user permission on the putty application from read to read/write fixed the problem?

Any input would be greatly appreciated as I'm trying to acquire an in-depth understanding of this glorious OS.



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