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New to the WiFi Pineapple and have a few questions


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So I just recently got the WiFi Pineapple (Mark IV, upgraded to version 2.7) and have been tinkering with it for the last couple days, but I've run into a few snags that I'm not sure about.

First, I've been installing some of the infusions but have run into some trouble with getting some of them (namely, sslstrip and nmap) to work at all. When I visit the page for sslstrip or nmap, it comes up with a box saying that it isn't installed, and when clicking the links for either installing it on the pineapple itself or on the external usb I have, it will show the title of the box go to "Installing..." for a few seconds, then the page will refresh and it will still say that the module isn't installed (I can provide screenshots of this if necessary). I've tried installing both on the pineapple itself (with free space available) and on the external usb where some of my other modules such as randomroll are stored, but no dice either way.

Also, I had a question about Karma. When I start it on the Pineapple, on certain devices, like my Macbook, public SSIDs I've been on (such as the local library, coffee shops, etc) are populated in the networks list, but on other devices such as my iPhone and my Ubuntu laptop, SSIDs I have previously been on don't populate (although, on my iPhone, if I add a new, fake SSID such as totallypwned it *will* see that one and will be able to connect to the pineapple through it). Is this normal behavior?

Lastly, I had a question about how to go about testing phishing. In the episode about it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uNdu9TM3HM) Darren is able to put his phishing files in the /www/ folder, but, for me, I don't seem to have enough space to store them there, even without infusions installed. Is there a way to store those files on the external usb? Or do they have to be located in /www/? This would be nice as I would have more space to add even more pages, but i'm not sure if it's at all possible.

Thanks for any and all help!

~ Alexander

Here's some additional info if needed:

  • Pineapple Hardware Version (ex: Mark III, Mark IV, etc.): Mark IV
  • Pineapple Software Version (ex: 2.5.0, 2.6.4): 2.70
  • OS used to connect to the pineapple: Backtrack 5 laptop connected to and sharing internet with the pineapple over ethernet

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Figured out the solutions to some of my problems. The sslstrip and nmap infusions not installing seemed to be a problem with not enough space and the external usb not mounting correctly. Unfortunately since the interface didn't show me an error I didn't know how to fix it until I tried installing them manually using opkg.

As for the karma issue, it seems to be working more consistently now, not sure why it was working so funky before.

Still would like to know, though, if I can serve up files for phishing from the usb because of storage limitations. Any ideas? Thanks

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Yes you need to make a symbolic link to the usb for the www folder. I can't give you the exact command to do it but I am sure someone here on the forum will. I use petertfm's setup script which makes the changes for me.

You can read about the setup script here:


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Look up the ln command. I believe -s is used for symbolic links. So you can do "ln -s /usb/www /www" to make a symbolic link.

Me personally, I prefer to drop the html file on the pineapple and use a symbolic link to the needed files, but you'll figure out what works for you.

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