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HTML PHP JAVA Webpage project.


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Well see, I got this MMORPG project I'm starting and it needs to be best put together within those following codes so no matter where I put the tables no matter if your in IE/Firefox or your display is different they should all see it the same.

And I'm just wondering What would be the best content to put in it and how much?

How should it be organised should it be graphical what?

I'm considering graphical as point of method, but I know how to align in html/php yatta yatta but I'm very bad at organising, Anyone wanna give me

some advice on how I should do it?

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Well an MMORPG is no light undertaking - and that could be the understatement of the century. Well, the first thing you need for a project of that scale is a design document - detail how everything will work, and I mean EVERYTHING. Interface, game mechanics, user registration/logon, even the details of character looks, actions, monster, different gameplay features, everything. Get it all (every imagineable forseeable detail) written down in plain english. A good way to go about this, if you want to collaborate on the design document, is to set up a wiki. Take a look at sourceforge sometime and see how they have large projects running on that.

After that, it's a matter of breaking the design down into bite-sized chunks and coding little bits at a time - and don't be afraid to ask specific questions on here even though not many people will probably answer this particular thread here. The question you're asking right now is a bit too general for the general hacker public to get un-lazified for. But I digress.

The point is - get that design document put together and stick to it. As you go along, don't be afraid to modify it if you hit a brick wall or find a better way to do something.

And that, as you were asking, is the best way in my opinion.

and btw, try to stay away from putting tables in your HTML like you mentioned. At least not too many. Let the HTML to the structuring so you have a clean, logical DOM to work off of and let the CSS handle the look and layout unless you really can't do it any other way.

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