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Is this acceptable? 2 wifi cards? 1 to Mark IV and 2nd. to Internet Access Point


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I have a laptop running bk5 which I connect to the Mark IV via a cable, as instructed.

I then activate the 1st. of 2 wifi cards in the laptop to connect to a wireless access point. This, I presume, is how the Mark IV gets it's internet connectivity.

But in terms of having mobility, is it considered okay to have two wifi cards in the laptop, one for the internet access point and the other to replace the cable accessing the Mark IV? If so, is it necessary to black or white list the 2nd. wifi card which is controlling the Mark IV?

Thank you.

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Well make sure to connect the wifi adapter to your Pineapple via powered USB hub. Open up the Network Manager in the Pineapple Gui and look for a hyperlink for like "discover" or "find" and click it so the module will find your wifi adapter and you should be able to manage it via Gui. I don't remember the exact hyperlink and my Pineapple is not up right now, so I can't check to be fore sure. Karma will work on its own but I was refering to needing another wifi adapter because if a client is already connected to another AP then using the extra adapter would allow you to be able to deauthenticate them. After a little while most computers will give up on their connection and will look for another connection.

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Try this,

Wireless card1: (without any default gateway IP) --------- This connects to the "pineappleSSID"

Wireless card2: <Your Home Internet subnet with default gateway> --------- This connects to your "Your Home InternetSSID"

Eth: Disconnect (this is no longer required)

Enable Internet sharing on Wireless card2.

This way you should be able to manage pineapple via card1 and access the internet via card2 on your laptop and the hosts on pineapple (connected via Karma) will still be able to leverage the internet sharing for Internet connectivity.

Hope this helps.

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