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USB modules


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As far as I can tell, I've completed all the steps correctly - and after much Google-fu, I'm at a loss.

Ive formatted a kingston USB stick (2gb) to 2 separate etx4 partitions.

After that, I edited 'option enabled 0' to '1' under 'config swap' in the fstab box in USB.

Then I issued the mkswap /dev/sda2 command in advanced, and rebooted.

There is no indication, past the USB light being on, that this drive is picked up - nothing in resources under disk usage...

I'm trying to (eventually) install modules to USB.


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So, I got it recognized and had the 'install to usb' button when trying to install randomroll..

Click it, loads, and goes back to 'Pineapple Bar' with:

Sorry, there was an MD5 missmatch. Please try again


Try rebooting or ssh in and see if u can cd /usb/

See if file can be created.

Also try installing a smaller module in the pineapple bar

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Used a different key AND plugged in directly to the wall - not sure which one fixed the problem but it's running now.

It's almost definately a power issue, there's not enough juice coming from your PC/laptop (if using). I originally tried using a usb charging plug with the usb power connector for the pineapple (to reduce the amount of cables I needed to carry), and there simply wasn't enough power to cater for usb memory stick as well as pineapple. So i used a proper power adapter or a battery pack and it's fine. (Actually its the charger for my 11000mah battery pack, so win-win, I get to carry only 1 charger for 2 devices!)

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