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suggestion: dnsspoof stop trigger


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my idea is this. a stop/disable trigger which triggers dnsspoof to disable after the login/email and pass is logged to phish.log.

then a timer trigger which re-enables dnspoof after a specified time.


I just don't think that model works. I what would be better is redirecting traffic through iptables based on Mac address. I made a redirect script that redirected based on page they requested and if it didn't make a match it would include the page inside of itself. But didn't work for some sites. Maybe a cookie issue

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Yes dnspoof is needed to redirect traffic but it is also needed to spoof the url in the url bar.

Im sure that my idea will work . I just don't code. My brain, its soo tiny :(

Thats an idea for you guys that are making the pineapple moduel updates.

so redirecting by mac instead of ip will make dnsspoof more stable or something?

even still , I would like my dnsspoof to auto-disable itself as soon as some kind of script detects text inside of my phish.log, and then dnsspoof auto-reactivate itself after 10 minutes.

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