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Macbook heats up when connected to MK4 PoE LAN!


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Hi guys,

i got my new Pineapple MK4. I am trying to tether it to my MacBookPro 17" via Ethernet port "PoE LAN" using the provided roll-up ethernet-cable.

After logging in via WIFI and enabling SSH login I am able to log in using SSH via ethernet. Banner says V2.4.

I noticed a worrying heat-up of the MacBook after connecting the pineapple via PoE LAN. The back side of the MacBook gets really really hot.

This cannot be right?

Anybody else noticed this? Will this harm the MacBook? Whats happening? Can this be avoided? Is the pineapple broken?

Thanks for your help,


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Hey man I would try another Cat5e or Cat6 patch cable. Those roll up cables that they come with are not sheilded properly. So even though it is unlikly, it could have had a manufacture defect and 2 strands or more could be touching one another causing a short. They are not even solid copper but twisted pot metal from the looks of it. This is the only thing I could think that might be causing that problem. Unless there is a process running your cpu up that you did not know was running. This is just a guess because I don't have a MAC. Try another patch cable ;)

Good Luck

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