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[BugReport] [Future Dev]Extended ASCII Alt codes not accessible


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A day or so ago I thought to myself that it would be really cool to be able to type in a java class file, as they can be displayed in notepad files. I began making a program that would take the file and turn it to duck script by using the ALT + number as the method to type the weird characters into the computer. I figured out that the duck Encoders will not allow typing in ALT + multiple numbers. Ex...ALT + 14 == <Extended ASCII musical character>.

Here is an example page that has the possible alt key combos for these special characters.


and here is the error that occurs on the online duck encoder.

Line # Error
14 Invalid parameter 14 on ALT
15 Invalid parameter 15 on ALT
16 Invalid parameter 14 on ALT
17 Invalid parameter 15 on ALT
18 Invalid parameter 14 on ALT
19 Invalid parameter 15 on ALT
20 Invalid parameter 14 on ALT
21 Invalid parameter 15 on ALT[/CODE]

I understand that this is a really weird thing to want to do with the ducky, but I thought others should know in case they wanted to pursue something along these lines, or modify the duck encoders.

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