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Teh Back Box 3.0 Toolkit


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What's up forum?

I want to get some opinions on Back Box 3. I, personally, think it is sleeker than BT. But, the toolkit in Back Box seems to be a lot lighter than its cousin, BT.

I am not sure what tools should be added (if any).

QUESTION: What tools would compliment Back Box 3?


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um basically whatever tools you want to use. ive been using backbox on one of my netbooks for a couple weeks now, and i like it just fine. its not bloated down with tons of pentest tools that youll likely never use. just gets right to the good shit. i gotta say though im still partial to blackbuntu. still my fav. but backbox is a nice lean well done distro. theres nothing stopping you from installng any tool that you want. if youre not sure which tools to add then you probably dont need to use them. alot of apps on other distros can get sorta redundant and do the same thing just look different.

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