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Been a while....


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Hey guys, I used to be an active member (back in the days of Wess), but fell off the face of the planet for a couple of years. The USB rubber ducky brought me back, but while I was trying to edit my old profile, I keep getting this error:

Sorry, you don't have permission for that!


You are not permitted to modify all or some of your profile information.

Any reasons? I wanted to update my email address, and add some info to my profile, but trying to edit anything causes this.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the technolust!

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New, as well as old and inactive accounts, don't always have a whole lot of permissions until enough posts under their belt. If its an immediate need, contact a mod, they can fix on the spot for you. Bottom of main forums page, click the moderators and one of them can help. In general, its meant to cut down spam and people from putting 3rd party links in their profiles, signatures, and being able to PM other users spam. Depending on the settings, you may not even be able to PM a mod for help until after a few more posts. Just the nature of the beast.

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