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A question on content filtering.

Odin Alexzander

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First off this is the first thread I started here, and I searched first to see if I could answer my question, but alas I still need to ask it. If this is in the wrong subforum, I apologize.

My girlfriend and I got our 3 children Nexus 7's for Christmas (ages 3, 7, and 10). they are all pretty fascinated with tech so we decided it would be a good present for them.

Now, I want to be able to filter the content to these devices, but still allow my girlfriend and my laptops to be able to access everything on the net, so my question is how do I accomplish this goal without putting software directly on the devices that they in turn would be able to manipulate?

Or is there some kind of software for these devices that I can filter their content with, that comes with say a password so they cant access the application and just change the settings as they see fit?

Thanks in advance/

- Lord Odin

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Guessing that the Nexus is wifi only, check your router to see if you can create a static ip for the device you want to filter and hope the router config supports it. Although if they connect to any other network none of the content will be filtered unless you do something to every device there are a few internet filters in the google play store but never used any to comment.

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I'm using dd-wrt, and I poked around a bit, but couldn't seem to find what i was looking for.

Did I miss something?

I know I can set up static IPs but as far as content filtering to specific devices I couldnt find the option.

And they will mostly use it here and at there grandparents, so I can pretty safely say that if I can figure this out, I'll be good to go.

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